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Falklands, S. Georgia & Antarctica Aboard M/V Plancius
19 Days / 10 locations in South Georgia, South Orkney, Antarctica, Chile, and Falkland Islands

Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands are some of the last truly unspoilt regions of the world. The mysterious White Continent, with its multi-coloured ice caps, glistening glaciers and towering snow-capped mountains, offers unparalleled scenery and photographic opportunities. Enormous numbers of penguins, whales, seals and seabirds congregate in the food-rich waters along the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic shores. Our small, specially designed expedition ships journey south, taking full advantage of the long hours of daylight during the austral summer, their ice-strengthened hulls allowing us to navigate safely through the pack ice and narrow waterways. Our zodiac excursions, guided by foremost Antarctic experts, offer the freedom to explore remote locations and observe Antarctica's abundant wildlife. A typical itinerary in the Falklands – South Georgia, and Antarctic Peninsula could be as follows. This is a sample only, the final itinerary will be determined by the Expedition Leader on board. Guidance during activities ashore will depend on the group each passenger chooses according to their own physical ability. In the Arctic we aim at splitting into three groups: a hiking group on a strenuous walk, a medium-paced group with more time for photography etc., and a leisurely group. A German speaking staff member will not necessarily be available for each group. During Zodiac cruises, each boat’s driver/guide will not necessarily be bilingual.

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Weddell Sea - Emperor Penguin Voyage
11 Days / 2 locations in Antarctica
Emperor Penguin

Cruise to Weddell Sea - In search of the Emperor Penguin incl. helicopters Your unique chance to be part of a true expedition voyage. The Emperor Penguin rookery is situated south of Snow Hill Island. Although we will probably not be able to reach that far through the ice (less than 50 % chance based on our voyages in the last three seasons), the idea is mainly to situate ourselves in or between the Antarctic Sound and James Ross Island, close to the ice-edge and observe the emperor penguins on their way to the open water. We will use our helicopters in our attempts to search for individual Emperor Penguins.

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Falklands, S Georgia, Antarctic Aboard M/V Ortelius
19 Days / 6 locations in South Georgia, South Orkney, Falkland Islands, and Antarctica

The Falkland Islands are generally cool and windy because they are situated in the stormy latitudes of the southern westerly winds or Roaring Forties. Temperatures can range between 40 - 50 F (5 - 10 C). The Falklands were discovered in 1592. Port Stanley has a few shops, hotels and pubs. Island stamps can be purchased and there is an excellent small museum. The island of South Georgia (together with the South Sandwich Islands which lie four hundred miles to the southeast) is one of the remotest of the United Kingdoms Overseas Territories. Huge numbers of seabirds and marine mammals breed along its tussac fringed shores. Save for the rusting remnants of the old whaling stations, the Island is virtually unspoilt by man and so offers unique opportunities to observe the wildlife and scenery of this most beautiful part of the Southern Ocean. The Antarctic Peninsula offers you the most dramatic scenery and biggest variety of wildlife in Antarctica. In the southern summer large ice-free areas provide breeding grounds for very large numbers of seabirds and seals. From King George Island and Penguin Island we will sail down to the beautiful Paradise Bay, where you can go ashore on the Antarctic mainland. The narrow and spectacular Lemaire Channel is surrounded by mountains and glaciers and a popular passage for several species of whales journeying up and down the sheltered Antarctic Peninsula waterways. In the Antarctic Peninsula Minke Whales, the smallest of the rorqual whales, and ferocious-looking Leopard Seals are common.

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