Special Offers

Weddell Sea - Emperor Penguin Voyage
11 Days / 2 locations in Antarctica
Emperor Penguin

Cruise to Weddell Sea - In search of the Emperor Penguin incl. helicopters Your unique chance to be part of a true expedition voyage. The Emperor Penguin rookery is situated south of Snow Hill Island. Although we will probably not be able to reach that far through the ice (less than 50 % chance based on our voyages in the last three seasons), the idea is mainly to situate ourselves in or between the Antarctic Sound and James Ross Island, close to the ice-edge and observe the emperor penguins on their way to the open water. We will use our helicopters in our attempts to search for individual Emperor Penguins.

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Antarctic Peninsula "Basecamp Ortelius"
12 Days / 1 location in Argentina

During our “Basecamp Ortelius” , all offered activities (including camping, kayaking, snowshoe/hiking, mountaineering, photo workshops as well as our standard included shore excursions and zodiac cruises) are free of charge, except for scuba diving. Expedition is our passion. The ship becomes our base camp for these voyages. “Base camp” is by definition a temporary storing and starting place, from which an activity starts. We offer “activity modules” which go beyond our normal shore program. The vessel will stay for two or three days at specific locations to serve our active passengers as a comfortable hub to allow more time than usual for wide ranging activities.

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